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The answers to (almost) everything that you want to know. 

How do you decide who to donate to? 

Non-profit organizations can apply to be partners through this link. If you don't work for a non-profit, but you want to recommend your favorite organization, you can recommend them here. From there, we evaluate if an organization gives clothing away or if they sell it, and ensure that their missions align with our core values. And that's it! We get in touch with the organization's representative and then rotate through the list. 

Do you donate the same underwear that I purchase? 

No, we donate only cotton underwear. You might purchase something silky or lacey, and while those pairs are super cute, they're not always the most comfortable for someone who is homeless or who is fleeing an abusive relationship. We still donate cute, high-quality pairs, but we have specific styles set aside specifically for that. 

Where are your non-profit partners located?

All over the United States! We have partners within 20 miles of us in Florida, and others as far away as Alaska. As long as your organization is within the 50 states, you can apply to be a partner. 

What's your business model?

We purchase the manufacturer's surplus. When big brands submit orders to their manufacturers, the manufacturer produces more than the brand actually needs. All of that extra is used for quality control, but even if there's nothing wrong with it, it gets sent to a landfill! We purchase these surplus pairs at a discounted rate, which allows us to sell them to you at up to 70% off MSRP and donate a pair for each you purchase.

Are your products manufactured in the US? 

Not currently. We hope to one day be able to source our products from the United States. 

Can I shop gender neutral? 

Yes! Even though our site is gendered, you can use the search function to search for specific styles, like "hipster," "bikini," or "boxer." That will pull up all products in those categories. We want our site to be fully gender neutral (because gender has nothing to do with the style undies you wear) and one day we hope to be able to develop our site to fit that value, while remaining user-friendly. 

What sizes are available? 

That depends upon the specific pair of undies you're looking at! If you have a question about sizing, feel free to email us or send us a message in the chat. 

Can I return my order? 

Unfortunately, unless your item is damaged on arrival (and we check every single pair before shipping), we do not accept returns. 

Where do you ship to? 

We currently ship within the 50 United States. We hope to one day be able to ship to all of North America. 

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