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Our Mission

When you clean out your closet every year, what do you gather up to donate?

Shirts, dresses, jeans, maybe old shoes. Can you see what's missing? 


Your undies don't get a second life. When you're done with them, they go in the trash.
So for people in crisis — homeless folks, people escaping abusive relationships, poor families — fresh, clean undies are hard to come by. 

Our mission is simple. We want to help folks do good in the world, by providing an essential staple: Underwear.

You buy one, we give one
It's pretty basic. When big companies call their distributors to order new product, they order more than they need. Or, the manufacturer puts a label on upside down. To big stores, that extra product and those clothing items that have silly mistakes — like an upside down tag — are useless. So they're doomed to go to the trash, clogging landfills and ultimately being wasted. In 2013 alone, Americans produced 15.1 million tons — that's 30,200,000,000 pounds — of textile waste. 85% of that ended up in a landfill. 
In 2013, Americans produced 15.1 million tons of textile waste. 85% of that went to a landfill.

That's where we come in. 

We buy the designer surplus and sell it at a discounted rate. For each pair you purchase, we donate one pair to a non-profit organization who will distribute them to people in need. So you're getting undies from brands you already love at a discounted rate, and you're doing good in the world. 

Faith in humanity: Restored. 

Tote bag with words "Faith in humanity: Restored"

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